Virtual Care Wellness Visits

Regularly scheduled Virtual Care Wellness Visits using video and/or voice provides a sense of security knowing that our trained staff are here for you and your loved ones.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology to connect with our Virtual Wellness Visit clients once or twice a day to make sure they have everything they need. Best of all this service is a cost-effective way to make contact often. Caregivers can optionally be dispatched out any time there is a concern.

Friends and family can also join in on the Virtual Wellness Visits by coordinating with our care team ahead of time. Our Virtual Wellness Visit system is capable of having more than 10 remotely connected participants join at the same time.

I love knowing that my mother is getting checked on every day, and that some actually sees how she looks. They can also record video and send it to me if they think something may be wrong.

– Janelle

A team of technical support staff monitor the client equipment to detect and troubleshoot any issues for peace of mind and ease of use.

What is a Virtual Care Wellness Visit?

Studies have shown that regular virtual communication with mobility restricted individuals has health benefits. By leveraging technology and a team of compassionate and dedicated staff we can provide routine check-ins via our Virtual Care Kiosks.

Virtual Care Kiosks are video and audio enabled tablets that are housed in a secure table-top frame. Perfect for those who aren’t familiar with touch screen devices, menus, and options. The device is purpose specific – to provide friction-less video conferencing.

Clients can easily communicate with our care staff on a daily basis and families and friends can receive regular updates from the people they care about. Virtual Care Kiosks can also be used on the go using mobile data technologies, so anywhere our clients go, we can go too.

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